Welcome to Ribbing Yarns!

Hello and welcome to Ribbing Yarns! I’m Rosie, and here you can find knitting patterns and inspiration for your next project. There’s also step-by-step knitting tutorials, bread recipes, adventures in handspinning and more.

I first learned to knit from my Grandma aged 7. My first piece, in lumpy, multicoloured mohair, was full of dropped stitches and then lovingly presented to my dad as “underpants”.

I grew up in the countryside, on the border between West Yorkshire and Manchester, with sheep on the hills and the ghosts of the industrial revolution in the old mills. Handknitting also has a home there. Rowan yarns was nearby, Stylecraft is just over the border in Kirklees, and whenever I go back for a visit, I go to the fibre paradise that is World of Wool.

In 2010 I moved to Denmark. Knitting regularly by this point and looking to meet other crafters, I started a knitting group. Still learning Danish, feeling unconfident and self-conscious at speaking, I knew I couldn’t be the only crafter in Copenhagen looking for an English-speaking meetup. Thus, Copenhagen Yarn Lovers was born. It’s still going strong today with new organisers.

I now live outside of Copenhagen with my husband, Mads and our lovely nutter (aka child), Torbjørn. I am now a mix of SAHP, knit designer and family chef. You may see the odd bread recipe popping up here too.

Sort that Stash! (Part 1)

Stash happens. Whether it creeps up on you over years- a skein here, a ball there – or is a result of too much excitement at yarn festivals, a lot…


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