A Little Bit of Sunshine

Just a quick post ahead of WIP Wednesday tomorrow- I had to share my brand spanking new, hot off the wheel single ply! I wanted to try out another of the manos merino tops I bought, this time in a slow spun, thinner single ply, just to see if I could spin a thin, strong yarn, and to see if the soft blue/yellow colouring would look as nice as the Wildflower I’ve been working with.


What do you think? I absolutely love the result- especially how a little bit of green and occasional beige is created where the blue and yellow blends together. I have about 400g of this to play with, so I’m dreaming of finding a pattern for something special.

Know a great pattern that would be perfect? Your suggestions are most welcome. I haven’t measured the yarn yet, but I’m guessing it’s a light fingering/3ply weight.

Happy Knitting!

Rosie x

About Rosiejpm

Yarn lover, knitter-designer and spinner based in Ringsted, Denmark.
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4 Responses to A Little Bit of Sunshine

  1. Tamsin says:

    Gorgeous! I want to knit a cowl with it. :)

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  2. Rosiejpm says:

    Thanks! :) Maybe not so cool when I get bobbin hypnosis and start falling asleep. But i really love it :)


  3. Very Bangled says:

    Very cool that you spin your own yarn.

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