WIP Wednesday: The Silence of the WIPs!

It’s getting to that time of the year when the nights are drawing in and eating large quantities of cinnamon biscuits becomes standard protocol (at least in this house). So while my hands are free from  chain eating biscuits and drinking pots of tea, I’m working on the..you guessed it.. Christmas Knitting.


Knitting Fuel









Christmas knitting seems to either feel like a joy or a curse, both for knitters and those who receive the lovingly/ grudgingly-made items- the spirit of the holidays works both ways. Each year, there’s a decision to be made..to knit or not to knit?

If you would rather eat your stash than knit for loved ones, why not join in with the  Grinch-Along , a new KAL/contest hosted by the Knitmore Girls? The idea is to put down all holiday gift knitting and knit only for your own pleasure. The link will take you to the ravelry group but you can also join in on instagram using #grinchalong. Good luck! :)

While I sometimes knit more gifts some years than others, I don’t think there’s been a year where I haven’t made something..mostly because it’s truly loved and appreciated, which makes a big difference! I might make little surprise knits for gifts, but usually if it’s something big, I try to get an idea of favourite colours and preferences first.

Bye bye WIPs!

Bye bye WIPs!









For me, getting things tidy and organised helps the christmas knitting to go smoothly. I can’t believe I’m saying that, but I know that if my own projects were lying about while I was making christmas things, I’d be too tempted to pick them up, so for now they’re tucked neatly away in project bags! Well, apart from the socks. Gotta have some nice socks on the go :)

200g down!

200g down!









I’m glad to say that the red merino I’m spinning for Mum is de-rumplestiltskined and I’ve finished another 100g skein. I’ve got a combination of little and big projects to work on for the holidays and this is one of the big ones!








One thing I’m thinking of making for myself is a knitting/notions bag. I rediscovered this bit of Kaffe Fasset fabric I bought in the summer, and think it would look gorgeous as a little quilted zip bag to take to our Knit Cafe . I’m being drawn to strong warm bright colours this winter :)

What have you got on the needles this week? Do you love or loathe holiday knitting? Leave a comment in the thread below!

Until next time, Happy Knitting!

Rosie x




About Rosiejpm

Yarn lover, knitter-designer and spinner based in Ringsted, Denmark.
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4 Responses to WIP Wednesday: The Silence of the WIPs!

  1. anne wilson says:

    A quilted knitting bag is a great idea. And I love that fabric!

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