How to: Bind Off

So, you’ve made a piece of knitting, but it’s still rather annoyingly attached to your needles? This is where binding off comes in. Like casting on, it secures the end of your knitting and it comes in many forms. This is a simple method for slipping the stitches over each other as you knit the row, leaving a trail of finished knitting in your wake!


Step 1

Start by knitting 2 stitches.


Step 2

Slip the left hand needle into the 1st stitch you knitted on the right hand needle, from back to front. Lift it over the 2nd stitch and let it fall off the top of the needle.


Step 3

The stitch is now secure and bound off.


Step 4

Knit another stitch from the left hand needle to replace the bound off stitch and repeat steps 2-3 until you have just one stitch dangling from your needle!


Step 5

Cut the working yarn, leaving a tail long enough to weave in afterwards. Pull this through the loop of the last stitch to bind it off. You’re done!





About Rosiejpm

Yarn lover, knitter-designer and spinner based in Ringsted, Denmark.
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