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Since Wednesday’s post I’ve continued working with the gorgeous Manos Del Uruguay hand dyed rovings in the “wildflower” colourway on the spinning wheel, and I’m reeeally hoping I can magically transform them into a winter sweater. There’s just one teeny weeny problem though, and that is… *drumroll please*…2 PLY OR NOT 2PLY???


So this is what I have so far. Both spun with the same fibre, but 2 ply on the left and single ply on the right.

I love how the single ply brings out the beautiful self-striping, subtle effect I want to work with. This yarn is a bit wobbly and fluffy in places but generally pretty strong. The 2 ply is a stronger, more resilient yarn and I LOVE it, but for a sweater? Hmm, not sure about that one.

What do you reckon? 2 ply or not 2 ply?

Happy Knitting!


5 thoughts on “2 ply or not 2 ply, that is the question..”

    1. Thanks! Yes, I think its the way to go. I’ve also been experimenting with another colourway creating a thinner single which I might even like better…hmm decisions decisions :)

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2 ply or not 2 ply, that is the question..

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