It’s been a long, long time since I last posted, and a lot of things have happened since then. I’m going to stick to a personal timeline here. I had a baby, who has since grown rapidly into a brave, thundering toddler; I struggled with mental health problems; I had a miscarriage. Joy and heartbreak is common, and the swing between the two sent me spinning.

Crafting was there, and is here – Slowed down, but still going in bits and drabs. I was thrilled when I finally finished a wearable wooly hoody cardigan for my son, and even more thrilled when he got excited at choosing the button colour himself (“YELLOW!”).

I’m thinking about colour and gender a lot now. I want to let my son explore colour, to choose his own clothes, and I feel like I should be a good non-binary parent and practice what I preach. You know what though? Most of his bought clothes are still blue or grey. This is because on our family budget, we get our clothes second hand, from the Lidl random aisle or places like H&M, and although there’s often variation in the form of yellow or red, mostly it’s a choice between the old blue or pink themes. Out of that binary, I still make a choice to choose blue.

The thing I love about our craft is, colour isn’t dictated. We get to mix and match, utilise scraps, play with texture and alter things if we don’t like it. As a result, my son gets to enjoy colour-inclusive knits to liven up his grey sweatpants. It looks fab.

Stay safe and enjoy your craft, wherever you are.

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