WIP Wednesday: Too Hot for Socks!

I feel like my knitting is a bit between seasons right now. It’s starting to get a little bit warm for knitted socks (Nooo summer, don’t part me from my beloved socks!) but it still feels a bit early to think about creating airy laceweight stuff. The solution? Well..a bit of a mix for now. Armwarmers, a sock yarn scarf, and a lacey summer cardigan are all on the needles.

The sock yarn scarf is the fabled Hitchhiker by Martina Behm. I’m knitting it out of Little Wolf Yarns Squirrel Sock and I’m loving both the beautiful tonal yarn and the easy to memorise pattern. It’s taking me aaages now that I’m nearing the end. As it’s a triangular shawl, the stitch count is increasing, but I love working on it. It’s simple enough not to require a lot of brain power (it’s come with me to Knit Cinema and to Copenhagen Yarn Lovers meetups), but it’s got enough interest in the pattern that it’s far from boring to knit.

Hitchhiker Martina Behm

Something else on the needles right now is the Dahlia Cardigan by Heather Zoppetti. I fell in love with the gorgeous lace flower design adorning the back, and couldn’t resist! It’s kind of a challenge project for me at the moment- the cardigan has a construction I haven’t attempted before and features one or two things like provisional cast ons that I haven’t done a whole lot of. I’ll take it one thing at a time. I’m making this out of undyed Araucania Ranco Sock yarn. The lace part comes first, and that’s going really well so far. It requires some concentration though, so not one to combine with Game of Thrones.

Dahlia Cardigan lace

Thirdly, the armwarmers pattern I mentioned is a free pattern on Ravelry by JavaPurl Designs  (AKA C.C. from the Geeky Girls Knit podcast). I’ll post a picture next week, as I’ve literally just cast on! It’s a recipe called Stripey Sleeves of Warmth, but I think mine are going to be more like Sparkley Sleeves of Warmth, as I’m knitting them plain out of the sparkley version of Old Maiden Aunt Yarns “Ion Dubh (Blackbird)” sock yarn. I’ve been saving it for it’s rightful purpose, and now that purpose has revealed itself to be some cosy armwarmers! I also love C.C.’s stripey pink version, but wanted to start with making some in a colour I know I can wear with most of my stuff. I’m sure pink stripes will be following at some point though :)

Handspun yarn scoured fleece

Finally, I’m very proud to present the first finished batch of 2ply yarn from the “random raw fleece bag” I purchased recently. It feels like kittens :) I was hoping for fingering weight, but it’s come out more of a sport weight. It’s lovely though and there’s plenty more to spin up, so this could possibly become a sweater at some point. I’m excited!

I hope your projects are treating you well this week :) Whatcha making?

Happy Knitting!

Rosie x

5 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Too Hot for Socks!”

  1. Love your Hitchhiker! The color is so vibrant. I’m itching to jump on the Hitchhiker bandwagon. I have the pattern, but I’m making myself wait until I finish some other projects, first.

      1. :) I have 3 skeins of lace weight yarn in my stash. It’s white, green, and purple. I’ll try holding 2 strands of it together and see if I like the result.

        My “stash” fits in one plastic tub, but I still don’t like to buy yarn if I can use some of what I have.

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