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Yarn loving visitors to Copenhagen often wonder where the good wool shops are, and/or which are the best places to find cheap yarn to get started. Copenhagen is fabulous for yarn shops and I realised the other day that while I may not know ALL the places here to buy yarn, I’ve visited a fair few of them in my regular searches and window shopping sessions for supplies. So, here’s a list off the top of my head, which I’ll try my best to keep updated!

You can put your feet up after a hard day's yarn shopping!

You can put your feet up after a hard day’s yarn shopping!

Indre By

Sommerfuglen has a huge range of luxurious yarn brands including Madelinetosh, Hedgehog Fibres, Rowan, Noro, Isager, Hjelholts Uldspinderi, Fleece Artist, Handmaiden and …. the list goes on. Also a wonderful place for some colourful window shopping and inspiration.

Uldstedet close to Nørreport was started by knitwear designer Sus Gebhard in 1983 and yarn lovers can find Uldstedet’s very own Gepard yarn brand as well as Opal, Laine du Nord, Isager and Rowan yarns and Sussannes hardwood knitting needles.

Panduro Hobby is a huge fun general hobby store with a small selection of colourful yarns and felting stuff on the top floor. They also sell children’s knitting needles.

Stof 2000 is mainly a sewing and supplies chain store. The main store at Nørreport stocks some basic yarns and needles.

Søstrene Grene and Tiger are two cheap and cheerful chains, both with huge stores on main street Strøget. Both are the cheapest places in town for needles and crochet hooks and have limited ranges of very cheap yarn (SG for plain cotton and Tiger for wacky acrylics)


Håndarbejdes Centret can be found in Amager Shopping Center. They sell a range of cheaper yarns, often have great deals and have a good range of Regia sock yarns.

Byens Sycenter on Amagerbrogade is my go-to place for basic wool yarns. They mainly sell Drops in a range of fibres and colours. They also sell Knit Pro needles. Lots of sewing machines too!

Bilka the huge supermarket in Fields shopping center has a good selection of cheap yarns, needles and accessories.


Nicoline Garn is a small and very friendly yarn shop on Nørrebro selling Drops and a few other ranges. The display is intuitive and well coordinated too.


Hope you find what you’re looking for!

Happy Knitting!


17 Responses to Yarn Shop Guide

  1. Emma says:

    Sadly Therese Garn is closing down today 20th Oct 2018


  2. Debbie Lewis says:

    Thank you ladies for all the great info, I will be in Copenhagen next August to board a Knitting Cruise 😃 And will have a few days in Copenhagen beforehand.


  3. Dan Levold says:

    Hello. Are there any stores in Copenhagen that sell local sheep breed fleece for spinning? Was planning on visiting next year.


    • Rosiejpm says:

      Hi Dan, as far as I know there are no shops in Copenhagen selling fleece for spinning. The best places to contact for locally produced fibre in Denmark are people like butik Spælsau (http://www.spelsau.dk)- producers with small flocks. Most of them tend to focus on the old scandinavian breeds like Icelandic or Spælsau sheep, also Gotland, and I’ve met producers selling their own mohair too at festivals.


  4. I’m heading to DK to visit family and friends in Nov/Dec and looking to purchase some Danish made yarn. Is this easy to find? Where would you suggest i head? We will be in Copenhagen for a few days before heading up on the Jutland with friends.


    • Rosiejpm says:

      Hi Hannah, the first thing that springs to mind is to head to Sommerfuglen, who sell Gotland wool yarn spun at Hjelholt spinnery on funen (central Denmark). The Christmas sheep breeders market (see the festivals page) is also a good place to pick up yarn and fiber from local producers.


  5. erik says:


    I’m looking for a yarn shop situated in Denmark but not in Copenhagen own by 2 very nice sisters. Can anyone help me? I met them in the last fair in Germany few weeks ago but accidentally I lost their business cards:(
    Thank you


    • Rosiejpm says:

      Hi Erik, do you know where in Denmark? I’ve tried googling but there are many, many yarn shops over here!


      • erik says:

        Hi Rosie,
        I don’t:( but they told me that the shop is 350km from Aarhus.. I know that its very difficult to find, been looking for so many days.. I really hope that you can find.


      • Rosiejpm says:

        I’m afraid that doesn’t narrow it down very much. Good luck in your search- it might be better to try asking in a local group on Ravelry.


  6. Donna says:

    Thank you for this. You have saved me much work. I’m travelling to Denmark this summer and am a knitter.


  7. Jill says:

    Hello Miss Rosie! My husband and I will be visiting Copenhagen this summer for the first time, from the States. Can you recommend shops in Copenhagen for finding embroidery supplies and patterns? And also fabrics?
    Thank you!


    • Rosiejpm says:

      Hi Jill :) I’m not an embroidery connoisseur, but I’ve got a few pointers! Sommerfuglen also do embroidery kits and stock a good selection of threads. Stof 2000 at Nørreport is your go-to fabric store and they have all things sewing related, also Stof og Stil on Vesterbrogade (a short walk from central station) is really great store for fabrics and sewing stuff. Hope that helps!


  8. tatoland says:

    Will be in Copenhagen tomorrow and Friday – from the US. Thanks for this list!!


  9. Carina says:

    Makes me want to visit Copenhagen :)

    Liked by 2 people

  10. iknead2knit says:

    Thanks for the follow!


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