Handspinning Guides

Has the thought of spinning your own yarn got you dizzy? Are you baffled by bobbins? Give your handspinning a helping hand with a Ribbing Yarns guide!

Fix your fiber, wind your wool and learn how to spin yarn by hand. Learn the parts of a spinning wheel and understand fibre types for creating beautiful yarns. Understand simple beginner handspinning techniques with a range of enabling step-by-step tutorials to build your spinning skills.

Learn more about this wonderful craft and what goes into it. Whether you’re a knitter wowed by wool or amazed by alpaca, the type of fibre we choose as spinners and the way we spin it greatly affects how our yarn turns out. As a beginner spinner, it can be daunting to know where to start when it comes to spinning your own yarn. I hope these guides will help you on your way and inspire you to have fun. There will be more of them on the way, too. So whether you are wondering how to process raw fleece or you fancy a colourful fibre sandwich, dive in here!


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