How to: Knit a Stitch

The knit stitch, along with the purl stitch forms the basic building blocks of knitting, so just knowing how to do these can open a world of creative possibilities. Essentially knit and purl are two sides of the same stitch- a knit stitch looks like a smooth little V but turn it over and you’ll see a curvy bump, which is the purl side.  Here’s how to knit a stitch.

Step 1

Insert the right hand needle into the first stitch of the left hand needle, front to back.


Step 2

Take the working yarn around the back and then down between the needles.


Step 3

Slip the tip of the right needle down through the loop of the left hand needle from back to front.


Step 4

Pull the newly created loop through- this is your new stitch. Let that old stitch at the top of the left hand needle go- slip it off the top.


Step 5

The old stitch is now hanging out under your new stitch! Success!


Step 6

Repeat steps 1-5 to the end of your row. If you fancy carrying on in this fashion, you’ll also be teaching yourself garter stitch!


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