WIP Wednesday: Changing Seasons

I was talking last week about how I’ve been getting overwhelmed by the WIP mountain (totally self inflicted, I know!). So I decided to get dedicated. I solemnly put away the Pretty Things And Other Distractions (I’m looking at you, Hespa shawl), and ploughed on with socks.


The above photo is socks for my sister- they are so lovely and I know she’s really looking forward to wearing them. One WIP down!


I also got my Outlander socks done! They are made in the amazing  Crazy Zauberball  sock yarn and are super cosy. The texture feels lovely on my feet too. I’ve still got some way to go with the pattern, but I’ll let you know when it’s available! 2 WIPs down!

Now to get back to my lovely Hespa shawl in plant dyed Icelandic Einband yarn before the holiday knitting and spinning begins…


Happy Knitting!

Rosie x

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