Sort that Stash! (Part 2)

sortstash2-1Welcome to Sort That Stash- Part 2! (part 1 can be found here). This time we’re taking a step-by-step look at how to add whole skeins to your Ravelry Stash using the cleverness of Ravelry’s in-built database. This is a great resource whether you want to have a basic photographic reminder of what you have lying around, or whether you want to keep tabs of more detailed information and notes in one place. So Lets get started!

For simplicity’s sake I’ll be stashing one skein- though it’s exactly the same process if you’re stashing more of the same. Here is a lovely skein of Brooklyn Tweed‘s Shelter I’m going to stash away.

1. Add New Yarn

In my Ravelry “my notebook” tab, I go to “stash”, then “add new yarn”. This page  appears. In this example, I bought my skein at an online store, so I select that option, then I write the name of the yarn, “Shelter”, and the brand name in the next fields. I decide to add in the optional information to make a note of where I bought the yarn. Then I click continue!


2. Database magic

Ravelry has pretty much every commercial (and many indie) yarns in the database. On this page, I’m asked is this indeed the yarn I’m looking for? It is! Onto the next step.


3. Details

On the next screen, I find that the yarn information has magically been filled in (highlighted here) and I’m asked to fill in additional information if I like. Under “Colorway” I select “17 Faded Quilt”, matching the info on the ball band, and I select “Gray” as the “Closest Colour”, to give myself a reminder of what it looks like to me.

I select “1” under skeins, and the yardage information from the database automatically adjusts the totals so that I know exactly how much yardage I have in my skein. I choose to add the date I bought the yarn and how much it cost. It is really up to you how much info you want to add though. I do find it helpful to put the dye lot info in (from the ball band), in case I run out during my project or just want to buy more of the same yarn in the future.

Next I click the “tags” icon which shows me suggested tags for helping my stash to be found by others on Ravelry. Often there are suggested tags for the yarn already. This is particularly handy if you are stashing for trading or selling purposes.

Lastly the “stored in” field lets me make a note of where I keep this skein next time I want to find it! This skein is being used in a current project, so I make a note that it’s in my project bag  for the “Graham” sweater by Cecily Glowik MacDonald. If I have extra notes to make about the yarn (maybe how it was to use), I can also write that in “Comments” at the bottom. Then I click on “add photos”.


4. A visual memory

This page gives me the option to upload photos, which I usually take on my phone or tablet in advance. I find this is maybe the most helpful tool for me because it’s visual and enables me to see everything I have at a glance if I want a quick reminder.


5. Stashed!

I go back to my stash page and my new yarn has magically appeared!


I hope you found this tutorial useful. If you have any questions or comments please fire away!

Happy Knitting! (and stashing!),

Rosie x

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