WIP Wednesday: Bright and Colourful!

I only have a couple of project photos to share with you this week as I’m away for a few days and couldn’t stuff all the projects into my bags (I was trying to channel the Project Runway/Tim Gunn “make it work!” aesthetic but the bag was too small).


Anyway, what I did managed to stuff in was a brand new WIP, which will grow up to be brand new socks one day but for now is just a baby swatch. It’s Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock Multi in the “Tomfoolery” colourway and it’s sooo gorgeous! I’ve been dying to knit with this yarn for ages but it’s sadly a bit harder to find this side of the Atlantic. I finally tracked it down to the UK-based Modern Knitting online shop, so now I am a very happy knitter indeed :)


Also on the needles this week is my beloved Hespa shawl- which is growing! I’m almost ready to switch colours now- the only question is…should it be lemon or golden yellow? decisions decisions… :)

Happy Knitting!

Rosie x

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