WIP Wednesday: Knit Mountain!

This week,  I put my foot down (not literally) over the WIP mountain that is threatening to take over our flat.  Projects are starting to appear in every corner, I’m shedding bits of yarn and even my husband Mads made a kind of knitting freudian slip the other day when he asked if I’d just done a yarn (he meant “yawn”).

which colournext
Delving into one of the many project bags

I decided enough was enough with the old  WANTING TO CAST ON ALL THE THINGS syndrome (very common amongst knitters). Inspired by the  WIP Crack-Away KAL by KnitBritish and Yarns From The Plain, I decided it was time to have my own self-imposed WIP crackdown. My willpower has already been mightily tested by almost daily emails from Ebay asking if I’m still looking for 300g of natural wool tops for spinning, but so far I’ve managed to shut down that window long enough to turn my attention to my languishing half finished projects.


Number 1 on my list was my Outlander socks. I’ve really been wanting to finish these so I can start getting some test knitting and pattern writing done, and they’re finally finished! I had hit a snag with them last week and put them to one side, but when I looked at the almost-finished second sock the other day I realised the problem had just been my late night knitting brain running out of steam.


I’ve also worked a little bit on the Hespa shawl, mainly at our Knit Cafe on Sunday. I was thinking it would be a simple thing to take along, but I think I’ve learned now that lively conversation and multiple yarn overs, however simple, is just not the best mix for me!


Another almost-FO is the vanilla socks for my sister Clare. They are  nearing completion, with one sock done and the second in progress! I hope she’ll like them :)


I’m often sitting up to a table when I knit in the evenings, and with my crafty stuff all over it I’m always losing yarn as it rolls out of sight. I would love a beautiful yarn bowl at some point, but until then I’m repurposing my Hespa shawl kit box, which is serving nicely!


project bag

I also bought this huuuuge zipable bag to house the WIP’s I’m working through and the fluffy stuff for spinning. I think I’ve got my work cut out.


In spinning I’ve been continuing with the lovely Manos tops- this time with the yellow and bluey-green colourway which I’m spinning in low-twist singles. I’ve made 50g of yarn so far and I love seeing how it turns out. Spinning is an odd blend of meditation and addiction I find :) Here’s how it turned out after the twist was set:


I’m seriously considering this for a cardigan on large-ish needles for a drapey feel. The yarn is around about a light fingering/3 ply weight. I’m really excited to get knitting with it, especially to see how the stripes of colour form in the fabric.

What have you been knitting, spinning or crocheting this week?  Are you monogamous with your projects or do you have more on the go? I’d love to hear about it :)

Until next time, Happy Knitting!

Rosie x



4 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Knit Mountain!”

  1. Oh, know the problem all to well, but I must admit that I quite like to have several things to knit on. It just never gets boring. You’ve got a lot of exciting things there. Looking forward to following your “finishing off the WIP”-project. :)
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. You have such great color selection- all the time! I’m making lots of hats to use up the odd lengths of yarn leftovers. They all turn out crazy color combos :D

    1. Thanks! It’s not always like that though- I’ve been working on a leftover Lopi sweater I had to abandon because the colours looked like mud!

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