WIP Wednesday: Odd Looking Llamas

Hello again from sunny/rainy, cold/warm Copenhagen, where the Danish spring seems not quite sure where it’s at yet. This week has given plenty of time for being outside and getting inspired as well as rainy knitting and spinning time inside with plenty of hot tea.

Up first this week are the aptly named Longing For Spring socks, which is round 3 of this year’s Sock Madness competition on Ravelry. Sadly I’m afraid to say I got knocked out of the competition on this round! There are some super speedy knitters out there who produced some very nice socks from this pattern. I love my Bluebell colourway version from Old Maiden Aunt Yarns , and with sock 2 halfway done, I hope to soon have them on my grateful feet!

Longing For Spring Socks 2

On Saturday some of us from the Danske Spindere group on Ravelry got together for another lovely spinning day. I havn’t spun so much on the wheel of late with all the socks on the needles, so it was good to get a bit of spinning mojo back! It gave me the motivation to finish the first 50g of rolags I made from fibres I bought at the Malmø Syfestivalen last month- a delicious cuddly combo of white merino/cashmere/silk blended top with a little packet of hand dyed tussah silk. I was thrilled to find that I managed to have the patience to spin a 4 ply weight yarn, as I fancy turning this into a lacy scarf or shawl.

cashmere silk handspun

I have also started spinning up the rest of the very sheepy Leicester carded fibre I bought from Vævestuen  last year. It is fibre from their own sheep, clean but “in the grease”, making for very tactile and enjoyable sheepy spinning. I’m planning to chain ply this to match the earlier batch I made from the same fibre.

Spinning Leicester Wool

I really enjoy spinning and there is such a wide variety of different breeds and animals to choose from. One fantastic printed source of information, which i find myself referring to more and more, is the brilliant Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook by Deborah Robson and Carol Ekarius. It’s brilliant as a reference book but trust me, it’s also very valuable for when you feel miserable and just need to be cheered by pictures of odd looking llamas :)

Until next time, Happy Knitting! (and spinning, crocheting, weaving etc!)

Rosie x

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  1. Uuhhh, that OMA colour is fantastic!! I’ve been looking at it so many times in her shop..mm…I just might have to order some when I hopefully go to Scotland this Summer. ;)

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