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“Singular Sheep” Natural Handspun Yarn Skein
Grown, hand processed and wheel spun in Denmark – all from a single sheep fleece!

WPI: 12
Category: DK
Ply: 3ply (chain plied)

Options: 237m (155g) / 166.5m (100g)

Content: 100% Danish Texel/Gotland Sheep Wool

A strong, lofty yarn for your inner viking!

The grade A (highest quality) sheep fleece used for this yarn was sourced by me earlier this year from a farm in North Jylland, Denmark, as the sheep received their annual haircut. Skillfully shorn, the raw fleece has been carefully hand processed, from sorting and gentle scouring, to drum carding, hand spinning and plying on my Ashford Traveller spinning wheel.

This finished yarn is a lovely natural white, medium coarse wool, with more of the texel breed coming through in the fibre. A strong lofty yarn with a fuzzy halo.
Ideal for outer layers, accessories or project accents.

The WPI (wraps per inch) measurement for this skein put it in the DK range. Always do a gauge swatch. Although I have done my best to spin a consistent and even yarn, handspun yarns will always have some degree of variation within the skein, but this can really bring some lovely texture to a project.

Allergy info
Most of the natural lanolin present in the fleece has been removed during the scouring process, but traces may remain. The scouring agent I use is Ecover Zero Dishsoap, which is fragrance free. The yarn is finished with Eucalan wool wash. From a smoke and pet-free home.


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